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SGIM19 Conference Library

The theme of the 2019 meeting is Courage to Lead: Equity, Engagement, and Advocacy in Turbulent Times. Health equity, patient engagement, and advocacy for general medicine are becoming increasingly important in the current healthcare and political landscape as we continue to aim to improve health outcomes for all. Engaging patients and communities and supporting policies that improve access to care and social determinants of health are keystones in achieving equitable health outcomes.

SGIM18 Conference Library

The 2018 SGIM Annual Meeting will encompass the breadth of General Internal Medicine, including health services research, medical education, advocacy, and exemplary clinical care. The theme of the 2018 meeting is Health IT: Empowering General Internists to Lead Digital Innovation. Health IT has become integral to every aspect of health care.

SGIM17 Conference Library

The theme for the 2017 SGIM Annual Meeting is Resilience & Grit: Pursuing Organizational Change and Preventing Burnout in GIM. This meeting will engage us in sharing how we can take action as individuals, as leaders, and as advocates to improve the work we do and the environment we do it in. This meeting is jointly sponsored by the University of Alabama School of Medicine, Division of Continuing Medical Education.

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