Session Title
Practice Management Summit
STS/AATS Cardiothoracic Critical Care Symposium
STS Parallel Surgical Symposium: Congenital
STS Parallel Surgical Symposium: General Thoracic
Associate Membership Symposium: Interprofessional Leadership in the Operating Room and Lung Cancer Treatment
STS International Symposium: Choosing Repair or Replacement in Rheumatic Mitral Valve Disease
General Session I
Adult Cardiac Session: Arrhythmia
Adult Cardiac Session: Heart Failure
Affordable Care Act
Basic Science Research
Congenital Session: Adult Congenital
Critical Care Session
General Thoracic Session: New Techniques and Bioassays
JCTSE: Cardiothoracic Surgical Education
Adult Cardiac Session: Aortic
Adult Cardiac Session: Ischemic
Congenital Session: Pediatric Congenital I
General Thoracic Session: Lung Cancer I
General Thoracic Session: Lung Transplantation
General Thoracic Session: Mediastinal/Pulmonary I
Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Abstracts - Adult Cardiac I
Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Abstracts - Adult Cardiac II
Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Abstracts - General Thoracic
Surgical Motion Pictures Matinee: Adult Cardiac
Surgical Motion Pictures Matinee: Congenital
Surgical Motion Pictures Matinee: General Thoracic
Early Riser Session: Health Policy Forum
General Session II
Ethics Debate: Patients Declared Dead for Organ Donation are Not Really Dead: Should the Dead Donor Rule be Abandoned?
Adult Cardiac Session: Mitral Valve
Adult Cardiac Session: TAVR
Congenital Session: Pediatric Congenital II
General Thoracic Session: Esophageal
General Thoracic Session: Lung Cancer II
Patient Safety Symposium
Adult Cardiac Session: General
Adult Cardiac Session: Aortic Valve
Cardiothoracic Surgical Education
Clinical Trials: Reflections on Old and Plans for New
Congenital Session: Pediatric Congenital III
General Thoracic Session: Mediastinal/Pulmonary II
What CT Surgeons Need to Know About Vascular Surgery in 2013