51st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

ICAAC 2011

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Adult and Pediatric Vaccine Studies and Pediatric Infections
Antibacterials:  Mechanisms of Action, Biochemistry and Genetics of Resistance (Antibacterial, not Viral or Fungal)
Antibacterials:  Surveys and/or Molecular Epidemiology of Resistance and Resistance Genes, Strains or Serotypes (Bacterial, not Viral or Fungal Resistance)
Antimicrobial Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and General Pharmacology
Bacterial, Viral and Other Vaccine Trials
Clinical Trials of Adults with Community-Acquired Infections
Clinical Trials of Therapy of Bacterial Infections and Adult Community-Acquired Infections, Including Obstetrical-Gynecological and Sexually Transmitted Infections
Global Health, Travel Medicine and Parasitology
Healthcare-Associated and Surgical Infections and Clinical Epidemiology
Highlighted Sessions
HIV Epidemiology, Natural History, Pathogenesis and HIV-Related Morbidities Including Outcomes and Pharmacoepidemiological Studies
HIV/AIDS and Other Retroviruses, Including Resistance
In Vitro Antibacterial Susceptibility Studies and Drug-Combination Interactions
Laboratory Tests for Diagnosing Infections; Methods for Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing
Mycology, Including Resistance and Mechanisms of Action of Antifungals
New Antimicrobial Agents (i.e. pre-US IND or prior to the start of any clinical therapeutic studies) and New Research Technologies
STD, Urinary Tract and Ob-Gyn Infections
Studies Relating to Aspects of Pediatric Infections
Therapy in Animal Models, Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases, Molecular Basis for Pathogenicity, and Host Defenses
Virology (Non-HIV), Including Resistance, and Non-HIV Viral Opportunistic Infections in HIV-Infected Patients